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Blueribbon Campaign for Free Speach

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Well you've found me. What is it this time, demonlings in your basement? Hrrmph. I'll send a squad out to take care of that for you. You are a registered voter, aren't you?

Well I'm sure that wasn't the only reason you came here, was it? I didn't think so. Pull up a chair, sit down, and tell me what's on your mind.



This site was originally created back in December 1995 using Microsoft's add-on, Internet Assistant for Word 2.0z beta. IA was a bit primitive but simple - the later versions screwed up my tables too much, which is why I used such an old version. Well, to be honest, even the earlier version occasionally messed up my tables and randomly rearranged my HTML code. So I switched to HotDog Pro, and I must say that it was much more stable and user friendly that MSIA.

Note: If you view source on the pages, you may even notice that most of the code looks like it was written way back when the author didn't know a lot about HTML and Netscape 2.0 was first released. OK, I've learned how to write clean code since, but when you do the site for free and there are only so many hours in the day...

These days the tools I use to create & edit these pages are Ultraedit for all of my HTML work (much better than using Visual Notepad ++) and Paint Shop Pro for any graphics. Ever since the 4.0 version of NN & IE came out, Micosoft's Internet Explorer has proved itself the better browser, so I've adapted the site to be best viewed through MSIE. Opera never seemed to catch on so I'm ignoring it. As of July 2004 FireFox is really gaining traction as IE slips, so I'll spend more time doing cross-browser checks as I like FireFox a lot too.

Though I hope to do this one day for money, right now it's just a labor of love, so if you see anything amiss please let me know as I'm unable to check on it every day.

Although not officially blessed by DAW (are any fan pages sanctioned by the publishers? OK, well maybe TOR...), Ms. Friedman has graciously allowed me to use all material referencing her and her works in this site. She is after all, the reason why this site exists.

This site is also for you guys too, so if there are any improvements you'd like to see please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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