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C.S. Friedman's first novel, In Conquest Born is still regarded by some as her best work, and is considered by all to be one of the greatest science-fiction novels of ever written. Since there is so much packed inside a relatively short 511 pages, this site was set up to help sort things out.

Spoilers abound, so if you haven't read the book, then you may not want to keep reading.

15th Anniversary Edition Released!

The 15th anniversary edition of In Conquest Born is on sale now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

New material includes a glossary and a chapter from her next novel, The Wilding. The glossary should be a good introduction for people who haven't read the work before, and have some interesting new stuff for people who did.

I've broken down the information/postings I have into these areas:
  1. A complete list of Viton's and Harkur's quotes from the beginning of each chapter of ICB.

  2. Detailed Questions requiring some discussion.

  3. Fan Art and foreign book covers - check it out!
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Fan Art and Book Covers

Courtesy of Anzha Lyu Mitethe [anzah_lyu@usa.net]

Anzha Lyu Mitethe


American Cover

British Cover
700x451 Size
1517x978 Size

German Cover
In 700x55 Size
In 1776x1416 Size

Russian Cover (front)
700x454 Size
1613x1045 Size

Russian Cover (back)
715x454 Size
1626x1032 Size

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