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The Fae Shoppe

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Welcome to the Fae Shoppe. Ciani isn't here right now, and as you can see we are still accumulating items and things, what with our last establishment having been the victim of an unfortunate accident.

Though I don't have any items to show you at this time, perhaps you'd care to learn more about the workings of the sorcerers? Here, let me explain...


Working A "working" refers to manipulation of the earth fae only, very rarely the dark fae. Other forms do not respond to such conscious dontrol.

In general the term Working, capitalized, refers to molding the fae into different forms and patterns, and so sometimes these actions do not have verbs of their own...ie Weather-working (molding the weather), and Working a Pattern (such as a channel) - CSF

Knowing Finding information by interpreting the fae; everything leaves a mark in the fae.

Unknowing An unknowing is simply to make it so something can't be known.
Reference is a spoiler (highlight paragraph with mouse to see):
This is performed in "When True Night Falls" near the end when Tarrant is lacing a knife with coldfire that Damien uses to stab the undying prince and Jenseny to kill him.
(credit to Arcana4343@aol.com for catching this one)

Seeing Used by non-adepts to allow them to see the fae. Tidal and solar fae can't be Seen.

Obscuring Blocking attempts to gain information via the fae, Knowings in particular but other workings as well. Also seems to work on more normal means as well; in BSR Damien uses an Obscuring to prevent the dae keeper from seeing the group so he can study Tarrant without interruption.

[An Obscuring is specifically a real world effect, causing people and animals to fail to notice a person or thing. In some cases, almost the equivalent of invisibility. A Distracting has the same effect by drawing a person's attention elsewhere. - CSF]

Shielding A barrier that blocks something out, pariticularly useful against workings and faeborn.

Warding Similar to Shielding, used to guard against something in particular, e.g. demon-wards, quake-wards, wards to keep guns from exploding, etc.

[A Ward is an object to which an independent Working has been affixed. The Working (Warding) is triggered by some special condition, draws earth-fae for use, and patterns it according to its purpose.

A quake-ward, therefore, is a Warding attached to a physical object, triggered by a quake or pre-quake condition, that draws earth-fae and shapes it to support the building to which it is attached. What we call amulets and talismans would fall into this categories.

Those of my devoted fans who want a sequel (but aren't going to get one :-) ) may wish to note that following the Patriarch's sacrifice, the value of existing wards skyrockets (as no more can ever be made), especially the all-important quake-wards; in the decades following the Second Sacrifice, riots erupt over ownership of these precious items, ward-related theft and violence escalates, and some blame the chaos of the second Dark Ages.....whoops, am I giving too much away? - CSF]

Healing Speeds up the body's natural healing process greatly.

Numbing Used to soothe pain.

Patterns Patterns are ....well, patterns to which the fae naturally responds. So it is a way of controlling the fae without a Working, or of adding to the efficacy of a Working. Sacrifice is a Pattern, created by Casca and Impressed upon the fae. (There's vocabulary practice for you!) So any sacrifice tends to affect the fae, though of course really good ones with a formal working attached have the greatest effect. But theoretically, any human who did something that fell into a Pattern would affect the fae at least in a small way. - CSF

Impression Not really a working but rather the unconscious and conscious minds of many affecting natural evolution, the rakh are an obvious example. It is possible that Impression could be used as a deliberate working and perhaps this is how Tarrant evolved horses, cats, and of course, the Forest.

[Impression refers specifically to the effect of a human or mass of humanity on the fae at large, on its overall patterns, and not on any lesser working. Casca's sacrifice was the First Impression, Tarrant's the Second, Patriarch's the Third. - CSF]

Weather Rather obvious, it is manipulating weather patterns through the fae.

Sacrifice Also not necessarily a working in the normal sense of the word but undeniably powerful. Sacrifice as a working is giving up an appropiate amount of value for seemingly whatever you want.

Simulacrum Uses dark fae. An imitation or clone of someone that is not an illusion but has actual thoughts and substance though it is not independently willed.

Banishing Destroys or at least dismantles worked fae and demonlings.

[Banishing doesn't destroy things, it makes them go away (banishes them). Dispersing a demon's essence would be done with a Dispersing. - CSF]

Summoning Brings a faeborn to the sorceror's location and binds it to their will. Iezu are of course un-Summonable.

Binding Not sure. Examples of it are similat to both Summonings and Wardings. Best guess is that it is forcing someone or something to a specific purpose.

[Binding: making someone or something do what you want; linking it to your conscious will. - CSF]

Sending A message sent over long distances. Not sure if this is telepathic or not since the Princes Sending to the Kierstaad rakh is the only sending I have actually read about. Seems to be one way. It is possible that the nightmares Tarrant sometimes uses on Damien when in need of sustenance are a kind of Sending.

[Sending is a message, Calling is an invitation to come to the worker, Summoning is a demand to get your ass here NOW (with implied control after the being has arrived, thus its use as a threat with Karril when Karril had already appeared). Sending is a one-way thing, like mailing a letter, and results some concrete manifestation; the pictures of himself that the Prince sends in Vol. 2 are Sendings. A Calling causes something to want to come to the caller, and if that being is fae-aware (as the rakh are) they may be consciously aware of it as a Working. A summoning is raw agressive force and demands compliance by anything not strong enough to fight it. - CSF]

MisKnowing Related to Obscuring, as the name implies. It misleads a Knowing with false information.

Divining Similar to Knowing, it is used to study fae patterns for the most probable courses the future will take.

Calling Similar to a Sending, it goes out across all of the fae with a certain message for those meeting certain requirements i.e., Senzei's Call for a rakh outside the Canopy.

Transformation Shapechanging. Apparently the hardest Working possible and requiring complete submission to the fae.

Coldfire Tamed dark fae. It is used in Tarrant's shapeshifting and by itself is a deadly and very maleable energy that freezes rather than burns and blinds but does not illuminate.

Fire Bound solar fae. Only many devoted people working together can do it and so only the Church at its height has ever made it.

Locating Another Working similar to Knowing, it is used to find the location of a certain individual.

Illusion Though so far only Iezu have used illusions that I have read about in BSR, Tarrant implies that it is a fairly simple Working though I have yet to read of any humans doing it.

Cleansing Mentioned in capitals and by name when Tarrant first returns to his keep in CoS. It is in reference to the possiblity that Amorril had allowed his wolves, or had himself marked the keep, and Amorrils lack of skill in working a cleansing. It would appear that this is also the method whereby Tarrant is able to appease his vanity, and annoy vryce, with his ever perfect body and clothing. courtesy - John Krukoff

Other Workings are used but they have not been given names. The link that Tarrant makes between him and Damien so that he can feed off Damien is one, and I have dubbed it Linking; a permanent fae channel between two individuals. I believe it is similar but different from the bonds Calesta forms with humans. The powere that Tarrant uses to maintain his unlife is unnamed and I have named the dark fae ability he uses to regenerate himself since he can't Heal, well, Regeneration. The Master of Lema's ability (and apparently Tarrant's as well since he took Ciani's on Morgot) to steal memory and even adeptitude go unnamed as does her and the Prince's vicarious workings through people like Jenseny.

Another, from When True Night Falls, is not formally named, but Vryce refers to it as an unHealing. This occurs when Vryce seeks to topple a tree of the Wasting across a crevasse in order to escape the komodo dragon like predators. It seems distinctly different from his previous and future workings in that he talks of destroying and killing the cells of the tree. courtesy - John Krukoff

[The thing created between Tarrant and Damien is a channel, that is a path of least resistance for the fae. Think of two pools of water in the sand; if you dig a low channel between them, the water from the two flows more easily from one to the other. Technically the Working is what creates it (Working a channel), once in place it simply exists as if it was always there. - CSF]

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