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- All the Mud Info I have -

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Below is a message board for any MUD/MUSH info, just email it in and I'll post it. Please include:
  • what name you want posted as a source
  • any email address you want posted (and let me know you want it posted)
  • your message
The only MUD that I can say for sure that is still operating the last time I updated this page is at www.merentha.com
Peter B. Talbot (ptalbot@speakeasy.net) (updated on February 5, 2005)
A few years back I started a MUD called 'Dark Erna', based on the Coldfire Trilogy. After completing a good 60% of it or so, I realized that I wanted to try something different, and see if I could bring the Coldfire Trilogy into a MUSH environment. The world itself lends plenty of chance for RP, with it's bevy of deities, the Fae itself wreaking havoc, and the occasional demon gone awry. The possibilities were endless. And so, I started the MUSH called 'Shadows of Erna' and have been puzzling over it ever since. I intend for the gameplay mechanic within to use the new White Wolf World of Darkness system to keep things simple for me, and in the long run, for the players. I am coding everything from the ground up, and will require help building the city of Jaggonath and perhaps more in the future. The web site is up and running and I'm more than happy to answer any questions! The MUSH is non-functional ATM, but I hope to rectify that in the near future.

WEBSITE: http://www.shadowsoferna.org
TELNET: telnet://shadowsoferna.org:9666

Janus (janus55@hotmail.com)
I'm going to start a MUSH based on the Coldfire Trilogy soon. But, of course, I have no idea how to code or really do much of anything to get it up and running. And also, if anyone knows of a reliable MU* host that's not terribly expensive, please let me know. Anyway, yeah, if anyone's interested in helping me out on this, whether it be a job of reviewing character applications, or one of programming the game, I'd much appreciate it if you'd drop me an email. Okay, here's what the background plot will be, approximately:

A few months before the books begin, the MUSH shall begin. It will go from there as RP. It may or may not go in the exact same direction as the books, but then that's the magic of RP.

Yeah, so that's about it. Um... I could REALLY use some help, cuz I have no idea what I'm doing. Thanks very much! Janus out.

Michael Farmer
Some friends and I are in the process of building a Coldfire based mud. We have been given official permission from Ms. Friedman and DAW publishing to create this mud. We have been in the building process for the last few months and are not open to the public yet, but you are welcome to stop by look around, but bare in mind that we are still in the building/coding phase. Coders, Builders and Immortal positions are available. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at: gabreil@bright.net and/or Sotnak@imperium.net The muds address is: Coldfire.telmaron.com 6969

shawn ellison (sellison@tdi.net)
I just finished reading the Coldfire trilogy.... It was amazing! Are there plans for more novels based on CFT? Anyway, about the mud idea...If anyone wants to run it, I'd be happy to help out, but I lack the money necessary to get it on a server myself. I'm pretty good at C though, so I could handle alot of the coding. Has anyone expressed an interest in it yet? Let me know if someone wants to run it.

Pardue Flatline (pardueflatline@hotmail.com)
I'm in the process of creating a MUD (Multi-User Dimension) based on Erna. You're welcome to join and check out what I have up so far. The address info is:

port: 4000
name: Erna

At this moment I've only been able to change around some small few things in it. (It comes with premade areas and items and 'spell' lists and such, and I've been working on changing the 'cast' command to 'work' and the 'spell' referances to 'pattern'.) I plan on very soon changing all the races to allow for Iezu and Faeborn Creatures and the like to be options. I'm changing Class options, too. At this time all the areas loaded into it are naught but test areas and should not be mistaken as being the final areas. I'm trying new techniques for multiple "recall's" (For the good alignment and one for the evil alignment... and then one for neutral alignment )... I could use some serious help on this project and would appreciate any advise/contacts/anything to create this MUD as a fully 'correct and author approved' Official Erna MUD.

Salis : Wizard and site maintainer of Coldfire MUSH
Hello, I'm a big fan of C.S. Friedman and I have recently taken the task of creating a MUSH(Multi-User Shared Hallucination) based on the Coldfire Trilogy. Since your site seems to have so many quotes by him, I figured you would know if I could get official sponsership for it.

Answer: C.S. Friedman is the only person who can officially sanction anything. She may be reached at csfriedman@adelphia.net. Please use the words Coldfire MUD or Coldfire MUSH in the subject header.

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