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This Alien Shore
- Concept Art - Page 5 -


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I stopped then to figure out a color scheme I liked, and this took me a while this time. I don't know why...I just couldn't get excited about anything until I came up with the yellow-and-purple one.

I've been at work on the painting ever since. I started by doing the panel/wall area on the left, just to have it done and "established" in the picture area. then I went to the lower right area.

For the past several days, I've been working out the architectural elements in the upper and middle background. What a bear that's been! I'm doing that area all in white, gray and black.  I will spray a purple glaze over to ensure maximum luminosity in the color of that area while retaining the full detail and articulation of the various complicated parts there.

Then I will paint the lead character, who is pretty much front and center. I'm asking my daughter Alexa to pose for the portrait.

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